Tax Incentives

Investments with Tax Incentives

If you are looking for a good investment with the highest tax incentives our International tax consultants can find the best solution for you.

There are State wide, National and International tax incentives for promoting culture and media. We will help you to find the best bundle that will save you the most in taxable income while having the credit of owning part of a local, International or Hollywood production.

Win/Win Model

It is a win/win model that not only saves you thousands of dollars in taxable income but may also bring you many thousands more in profits.

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Own Shares in TV and Film Productions

How would you like to own a share in the next Spiderman movie or American Idol?

The Film and Television industry is a multi billion dollar industry that has always been a solid investment to traditional investors and executive producers.

The recent Jobs Act has revolutionized the private equity system and equity share-funding will become the financial goldmine of future Hollywood films.  This means that you can own equity in one or a packages of films currently in production and earn a conservative 500-700% return in this multi-billion dollar industry. Are you a Creator? Ask us about our Producers Fund for Creators.

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Make Daily Profits in the Film and TV Industry


If you wish to make daily profits in the Stock Market of Film and TV you may do so directly with Cinema Markets.  We have a win/win model here as well. Not only do you have the opportunity to make daily or weekly profits by trading in the marketplace but even if your trades are not successful you win. A percentage of every dollar you spend trading will automatically be put towards Film and TV investments.  Think of it as Air Miles.

In the worst case scenario that you do not succeed in daily investments you may still find that from your volume of trading you will have earned a share in a Film that can be redeemed for three times the amount you had spent.

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