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Never before has this opportunity been available. The recent Jobs Act has revolutionized the private equity system and equity share-funding will become the financial goldmine of future Hollywood films.  This means that you can own equity in one or a packages of films currently in production. Earn a conservative 500-700% return in this multi-billion dollar industry.

woman“This is such an awesome opportunity.  I currently own Equity in something that could be the next Star Wars and earn me buckets of money!  Thank you Cinema Markets!Denice Lavi – Entrepreneur

man“I have been trading on Wall Street for over ten years.  This is the most exciting thing I have seen by far. While I use this platform to make trades in the Financial Market I also earn a type of Air Miles for every trade I do. These Air Miles are actually buying me Equity in something tangible. I am now both a Financial Trader and a Hollywood Executive Producer with ownership and dividends in a number of top films .”   Eric Brenner – GTS Financial

How would you like to own a piece of Superman II? Filming starts in 6 months! Arrange a free consultation with one of our Hollywood Financial Advisers.

Note: We are working with only serious investors.  By requesting this information you agree to our confidentiality terms. We will send you a more detailed Video with further explanations on profit sharing as well as confidential material on productions in their early stages that have not yet been cleared for publication.



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