Own Shares in TV and Film Productions

How would you like to own a share in the next Spiderman movie or American Idol?

The Film and Television industry is a multi billion dollar industry that has always been a solid investment to traditional investors and executive producers.

The recent Jobs Act has revolutionized the private equity system and equity share-funding will become the financial goldmine of future Hollywood films.  This means that you can own equity in one or a packages of films currently in production and earn a conservative 500-700% return in this multi-billion dollar industry. Are you a Creator? Ask us about our Producers Fund for Creators.

Today with the advent of high resolution digital cameras and sophisticated technology that has greatly reduced the cost of Film making there are many more players in the International and Hollywood Film and TV industry.

There are many success stories of low budget films and animations that made tremendous profits at the box office; some even 1000 times more than their original investment.

Today the level of quality in Films with medium sized budgets can rival Major Studios or be sold to Hollywood distributors.  Our key to success is our fusion of talented and successful Film and TV Producers, unrestricted investment potential and the experience of knowing how to transform medium budget films and TV programming into Hollywood and Disney blockbusters.

First Stage – Profit

From your first investment you have already saved thousands of dollars of tax. We however, are in the business to make profits not only to lower your taxable income. The risk management that we have in place is designed to maximize our profits while limiting risk. By investing in a number nearly completed films and programs we lower our risk and maximize our potential profits. The Films we invest in have already passed the seed stage and are closer to completion when we take them on. Investors may choose to own shares in a package of films or  shares in one particular production.

Second Stage – More Profit

After your funds have been invested and our productions are released we bring these assets to the market place. Our in-house sales team has a very strong background in acquisitions and distribution. We have the independence and flexibility to operate in a variety of market places to best meet our targets and financial goals.  By the second year of your investment you should already begin to see profits which will continue to grow as our products are re-sold to different markets. Investors are the first to see profits from the M.G.’s (Minimum Guarantees) we will receive from distribution and licensing agreements.


You may also participate on or off screen in some of the productions, view screenings and be invited to the various galas and Film Festivals where our productions will be promoted.

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Capitol sitting in the Bank earns little interest while there are Proven Profits at the Box Office.

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